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We do it all for you, from tax registration, tax return, de-registration, to compliance and support. You can access real-time updates and information on tax processes with ease on our online platform

Why choose Kitaab for your Tax needs in the UAE? 

Comprehensive & Streamlined Services

We offer a complete suite of tax services, from registration and returns to compliance and support, for both VAT and Corporate Tax in the UAE

Expert Guidance & Support

Our team of qualified tax professionals will guide you through every step ensuring you meet all your tax obligations accurately and efficiently

Seamless Online Platform

Stay informed and manage your tax affairs effortlessly with our user-friendly online platform, accessible with real-time updates and information

Stress-Free & Time-Saving Solutions

We take the burden off your shoulders, letting you to focus on running your business with peace of mind as our services are specific to your business needs

Simplify Your Taxes in the UAE with Kitaab 



Discover a world of VAT expertise with us. Your business deserves seamless and reliable VAT services, and we're here to deliver that and much more. Let's simplify VAT together!

  • VAT Registration

    Need to get your business VAT-ready? We've got you covered with seamless VAT registration services.

  • VAT Return Filing

    Say goodbye to the hassle of VAT return filing. Our team ensures accurate and timely submissions, so you can focus on what matters most – your business.

  • VAT De-registration

    When it's time to make changes, we'll handle VAT deregistration efficiently and without a fuss.


Corporate Tax

Kitaab provides comprehensive assistance and support concerning Corporate Tax regulations helping SMEs, startups and freelancers navigate the intricacies of Corporate Tax in UAE

  • Corporate Tax Registration

    Kickstart your tax compliance journey effortlessly with our registration services, ensuring your business is set and corporate filing ready

  • Corporate Tax Filing

    Our Corporate Tax Filing in UAE ensures accurate and timely submissions, helping you concentrate on your core business activities`;

Pick, Pay, Relax! Choose your Tax Services and stay stress-free for the season

VAT Registration

500 AED/ (One time)

For entities that are just getting started

Quick registration
Completely paperless
Get instant support on any queries
Get certificate mailed on successful registration

VAT Return

1250 AED/ (Quarterly)

For entities that are just getting started

Returns prepared by qualified professionals
Receive precise reports
Clear explanations for reports
Get clear understanding for workings
Assured accuracy
Get necessary support for filing

Corporate Tax Registration

600 AED/ (One time)

For entities that are just getting started

Quick registration
Completely paperless
Get instant support on any queries
Get certificate mailed on successful registration


You will receive detailed reports that includes:

  1. Monthly Insights
  2. Account Receivables Summary
  3. Account Payables Summary
  4. Graphical income, expense and profit charts
  5. Full Financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements
  6. Monthly performance report
  7. Quarterly VAT reports.

Kitaab uses Quickbooks to efficiently carry out all required bookkeeping. Why we use QuickBooks is because it has numerous advantages:

Seamless tax prep - Due to the universality of QB, almost all tax preparers are well acquainted with this software. This allows you to work with virtually any tax preparer of your choice.

Industry standard - Apart from tax preparation, key financial professionals who are often the final decision makers too possess sufficient knowledge to use this tool. Hence, it simplifies processes and makes it more efficient.

Data Portability - Regardless of whom you work with in the future if you ever move on from Kitaab, the last of your worry would be about having to transfer all your data. All work done on QB remains accessible to you in a convenient format anywhere anytime.

Our bookkeeping and tax services are based on an annual and monthly subscription model with clear pricing that scales with your amount of expenses. For additional information, see here

We do not charge any onboarding fee for bookkeeping and tax services, you only pay for the services you opt for with us. We’re more than happy to onboard you and fix you up with the best services that suit your requirements.

Visit our complete FAQ section or get in touch with us

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