Tailor-made financial solutions for your business

“One size doesn’t necessarily fit always, hence we are committed to working closely with you to understand your requirements to develop solutions at a right price for what fits best.”


Upto 50,000 AED

in monthly expenses


900 AED / month

For entities that are just getting started

Upto 100,000 AED

in monthly expenses


1600 AED / month

For entities with simplified requirements

Upto 175,000 AED

in monthly expenses


2300 AED / month

For entities with detailed needs

Above 175,000 AED

in monthly expenses



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Features available in all plans

Accrual-based accounting

Access to mobile application

Business Snapshots

Access to entire application

Cloud-Based Storage

Monthly Insights

Dedicated Bookkeeper

Monthly Financial Reports

On Demand Services


Our bookkeeping and tax services are based on an annual and monthly subscription model with clear pricing that scales with your amount of expenses. For additional information, see here

We do not charge any onboarding fee for bookkeeping and tax services, you only pay for the services you opt for with us. We’re more than happy to onboard you and fix you up with the best services that suit your requirements.

Yes, you can! Unlike traditional accounting where you pay an unknown fee at the end of the year depending on how much time your accountant or bookkeeper thinks they’ve spent on your business, Kitaab has a fixed monthly cost. If you decide to cancel for whatever reason, you must intimidate us one-month prior. You don’t pay for anything beyond that ongoing month - and we’ll make sure your accounts are ready to be handed over to whomever you work with next.

To make the plans accessible and fair to everyone, we calculate our package based on amount of expenses. We found this to be more justified than packages based on revenue.

For the pricing purposes, we incur expenses the your company incur each month, including payroll, cost of goods sold, and distributions.

Yes of course! As your business evolve over time, it may make sense to upgrade or modify your existing plan. You can take our support at any time and make any required changes you want month-to-month.

You have the option to cancel and withdraw from our services by providing a one-month notice. Rest assured, we will provide a refund for the portion of your payment that corresponds to the remaining period.  (after making annual discount adjustments)

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