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We're the Visionaries, Innovators, and Financial Experts, crafting your unique success story

What is Kitaab

The brainchild of a group entrepreneurs, just like you, who understand the challenges of building a business. We provide tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements and take the hassle away from your life so you can focus on what really matters. We assist start-ups, SMEs and freelancers to overcome their struggles, providing but not limited to, accounting, tax and CFO services, that meet your unique business needs.

Our platform enables customers to access and manage their finances with ease, plan their future, track their progress, empowering them to reach their goals with greater confidence. We strive to create a modern, user-friendly experience that simplifies the complexities of accounting.

KITAAB - The name says it all!

Successful finance and accounting come down to the quality of your BOOKS. It’s the foundation. And if you haven’t guessed it yet, KITAAB happens to be what a BOOK is called in Arabic. Thus, the logo is carefully constructed to maintain ownable characteristics. The brand mark - ‘K’ is developed by blending English alphabet & Arabic letter 'Kaaf'

Our Vision

At Kitaab, our vision is to be the catalyst for growth and success among SMEs in the UAE region. 

We aspire to empower them by providing comprehensive financial solutions, enabling them to navigate challenges, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable prosperity in an ever-evolving business landscape. Our resources and support are aligned to help SMEs navigate the complexities of the business world. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Kitaab is to liberate businesses from financial endeavours giving access to end-to-end accounting, tax and CFO services for start-ups and SMEs.

We are committed to providing the most convenient, efficient, and affordable solutions, ensuring that all businesses – start-ups and SMEs in UAE 

Who are the minds behind Kitaab 


Number Crunchers 

Our core team excels as meticulous number crunchers, where precision isn't just a skill but a way of life. With a deep understanding of financial intricacies, they optimize strategies to ensure every digit aligns perfectly



Our technologists bring vision to life weaving intricate codes & embracing cutting-edge technology. Creating a secure financial platform with groundbreaking features they enable top-tier cybersecurity & seamless experience


Problem Solvers

Our problem solvers turn challenges into stepping stones for business success. Navigating complexities with a unique blend of creative and analytical thinking, they ensure efficient and ingenious solutions for your financial needs


Business Builders

Our business builders understand industry trends, steering sustainable growth with holistic solutions aligned to your objectives. Beyond conventional accounting, they're your business advisors and partners in your success story

We support Businesses in UAE thrive with reliable accounting & bookkeeping services
What we do?

If you are a start-up, SME or a freelancer, we know the struggle is real: when you're running a startup or a small business, you can’t afford to focus on anything other than growing your company. That's why we've built Kitaab— a competent online accounting service provider in the UAE, for all your financial needs be it bookkeeping, accounting, taxes or CFO services. You name it, we’re on it.

Why we are here?

When we set off to built Kitaab, our intent was clear. We wanted to build something that mattered and added value to start-ups, SMEs and freelancers. We wanted Kitaab to be their partner not just in accelerating their business growth, but making life easier overall. The mission is to make healthy financial practices accessible and stress-free.

Who we help?

Kitaab supports Startups, SMEs & Freelancers. We handle all your accounting needs including taxes in UAE and CFO services, so you can focus on your business. Our experts ensure accuracy in bookkeeping & timely tax filing, while our platform offers ease of access any-time, anywhere with necessary updates. We simplify your financial operations, enabling you to be more.

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