Kitaab provides complete clarity with respect to all our services and how we function as a company. Here are a few most frequently raised questions that we have answered. But, if you still have unanswered query, we are happy to respond


As of now, we serve start-ups, SMEs, freelancers, but we may have plans of expansion in the future.

Well, it is simple. All we require is your trade license and ID proofs of the business owners and partner’s (if any), then we are good to go. 

You will receive detailed reports that includes:

  1. Monthly Insights
  2. Account Receivables Summary
  3. Account Payables Summary
  4. Graphical income, expense and profit charts
  5. Full Financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements
  6. Monthly performance report
  7. Quarterly VAT reports.

Kitaab uses Quickbooks to efficiently carry out all required bookkeeping. Why we use QuickBooks is because it has numerous advantages:

Seamless tax prep - Due to the universality of QB, almost all tax preparers are well acquainted with this software. This allows you to work with virtually any tax preparer of your choice.

Industry standard - Apart from tax preparation, key financial professionals who are often the final decision makers too possess sufficient knowledge to use this tool. Hence, it simplifies processes and makes it more efficient.

Data Portability - Regardless of whom you work with in the future if you ever move on from Kitaab, the last of your worry would be about having to transfer all your data. All work done on QB remains accessible to you in a convenient format anywhere anytime.

There are primarily 2 cases under which you should prefer to outsource instead of hire:

1 . If you are a new or small developing business that doesn’t possess the resources to hire a full-time CFO or your operations currently do not involve many areas that require the dedicated attention from a CFO, or

2 . If you are a well-established organization but situations that require inputs from a CFO are not a usual occurrence.

Your first step would be to simply fill in your information on any of our contact forms.

This will get one of our account executives to reach out to you to understand your business, and its unique requirements and suggest fitting solutions. They’ll also clear any further queries from your end.

This is followed by a kick-off call that will help our expert CFO team gauge further information to plan out a systematic process and timeline to cater to all your financial needs.

The entire system is set with an objective to most efficiently and effectively cater to your needs and thus unleash your business growth potential. For more details on our CFO Services, see here

Our bookkeeping and tax services are based on an annual and monthly subscription model with clear pricing that scales with your amount of expenses. For additional information, see here

We do not charge any onboarding fee for bookkeeping and tax services, you only pay for the services you opt for with us. We’re more than happy to onboard you and fix you up with the best services that suit your requirements.

Yes, you can! Unlike traditional accounting where you pay an unknown fee at the end of the year depending on how much time your accountant or bookkeeper thinks they’ve spent on your business, Kitaab has a fixed monthly cost. If you decide to cancel for whatever reason, you must intimidate us one-month prior. You don’t pay for anything beyond that ongoing month - and we’ll make sure your accounts are ready to be handed over to whomever you work with next.

To make the plans accessible and fair to everyone, we calculate our package based on amount of expenses. We found this to be more justified than packages based on revenue.

For the pricing purposes, we incur expenses the your company incur each month, including payroll, cost of goods sold, and distributions.

Yes of course! As your business evolve over time, it may make sense to upgrade or modify your existing plan. You can take our support at any time and make any required changes you want month-to-month.

You have the option to cancel and withdraw from our services by providing a one-month notice. Rest assured, we will provide a refund for the portion of your payment that corresponds to the remaining period.  (after making annual discount adjustments)

We will handover the credentials of your Quickbooks account while you exit, from where you can get all the data till dated.

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